Hey! My name is Ingo and this site is mostly about my retro computing. I'm a member of the demo groups Mayday! and Vision and run by the handle awsm. Thanks for stopping by and if you want to get in touch, message me on twitter: @awsm9000.

A 6502 disassembler in Python

Sun Mar 21 2021
In this article I share some learnings about disassembling 6502 machine code. Turns out getting it to work around 80% is easy, improving to 90% is tricky and making it work 100% of the time almost impossible.
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6502 Syntax Highlighting with highlight.js

Sun Feb 07 2021
I created syntax highlighting for the ACME assembler which you can implement on your own website or blog.
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Welcome to weblog number five

Fri Feb 05 2021
Creating blogs and killing them again seems to be a fun pattern I keep repeating for the last twenty years now. Say hello to another incarnation of the famous asian nurse.
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Ghost Town+ 64

I released a greatly extended version of the game Ghost Town for the Plus/4 and, for the first time, Ghost Town for the C64. Please visit the dedicated site for the download.

Chantal No. 5

A fake release for the Deadline 2019 demo party under the handle Aal Schlagerfeld in coorporation with dalezy. I wasn't even drunk when I made this. Won 3rd place.
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