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The Fairlight Intro

Sun May 09 2021
This C64 intro from Fairlight ist nothing less than iconic and engraved in our collective memory as the beginning of an art form. In this article I share my learnings unpacking and disassembling the code.
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A 6502 disassembler in Python

Sun Mar 21 2021
In this article I share some learnings about disassembling 6502 machine code. Turns out getting it to work around 80% is easy, improving to 90% is tricky and making it work 100% of the time almost impossible.
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6502 Syntax Highlighting with highlight.js

Sun Feb 07 2021
I created syntax highlighting for the ACME assembler which you can implement on your own website or blog.
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Welcome to weblog number five

Fri Feb 05 2021
Creating blogs and killing them again seems to be a fun pattern I keep repeating for the last twenty years now. Say hello to another incarnation of the famous asian nurse.
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Revisiting my first ever intro

Sun Sep 27 2020
I found a box of floppies in my parent's attic and they contain some of the first program's I've ever written. This is probably my earliest attempt at writing a demo.
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Ghost Town 64

Fri May 01 2020
Over the last year I disassembled the Commodore 16 game and ported it to the Commodore 64. This is my retrospective.
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