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Plus/4 conversion of the Mayden

Fri Mar 01 2019
I wanted to create a nice Plus/4 version of the Mayden image I drew for the C64 “week in progress” demo by Mayday. I was unaware that the color restriction is different in one detail: instead of 1 background color plus 3 freely choosable ones (which the C64 works like), it is 2 background colors plus 2 freely choosable ones.
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Mon Feb 25 2019

The BCC#13 demo party is over and I’m still recovering from a great party with so many nice people and too many beers. Mayday contributed a new trackmo called “week in progress”, which scored 3rd place, beaten by the even better productions from Delysid and Atlantis. My entry for the graphics competition, “The White Rabbit”, did very well and scored 1st place, which makes me very happy.

BCC#13 BCC#13

Scooter was a cracker!

Thu May 18 2017

What if HP Baxxter, the band leader of Scooter, was doing (horrible) cracks on the C64 back in the days? For some unexplainable reason, dalezy and I went with the idea and did a prank on the scene. I created a little cracktro, true 80s vibe, with little clues hidden everywhere. Next I made a fake video. About a year later, it got discovered by the scene and eventually bugjam connected the dots and found out the truth. Quite a fun experience 😀

Check out the cracktro here and make sure to watch the fake video

Scooter was a cracker!

ST Demos

Tue Feb 21 2017

ST Demos

Looks at these beauties. This is actually my hand writing and I can still remember how I got all those discs for my Atari 1040 STE. I was always a sucker for great demos or cracktros, more than for the actual games. All those disks worked by the way. Awesome.

Schaltkreis C64 Cracktro

Tue Feb 21 2017

Schaltkreis – another small release for the C64. Mostly PETSCII with some Sprites and rasters.


This design came to my mind when I listened to the incredible C64 songs of Eddie Svärd. Most of his songs are just totally different from what you are used to and show incredible talent.

The upper and lower borders are opened and filled with sprites for the vertical lines. The horizontal lines in the left and right border are rasters (changing the background color with exact timing).

The text was taken from some online poetry website and unfortunately I don’t have the source anymore. So, if you are the author of it: I liked it a lot.


Tue Feb 21 2017
I’m working on a new little hardware project. A Raspberry Pi 3 in a C64 case. Thanks to the Keyrah2 interface, you can even hook the original keyboard and make it work via USB. I got the basic setup up and running pretty fast, there’s no magic behind it. The keyboard of the C64 connects to the Keyrah2, which itself connects to the Pi3 via USB.
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